Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Walk with dignity into the light

We humans create special places for ourselves.
Some are physical and real, many imaginary, embodied only in our minds.
Some are private, some we like to share so  they form the bedrock of our social interactions. Churches, monuments, spaces we reserve for special moments, actions. Prayer, meditation, mourning, reflection, joy, celebration.

In my own mind, one those places exists to cultivate ideas and allow them to grow, and flourish, and develop into actions, or perhaps only beautifully abstract concepts. It is a sacred place and as such it must be kept clean, and tidy, and uncluttered, continuously protected and loved with effort and dedication.
This space is a container,  initially empty, but designed to protect and nurture.
The mind is like for the mirror of a telescope: both a perfect shape, a spotless surface, and a stable base are required for sharp ideas to form.
When it works, the process by which ideas slowly come into focus and take shape is a rare and beautiful one to witness.