Sunday, 1 March 2020

vie di fuga

We wake up and take in more news and the new numbers, we update the count of the dead and the loss of money and we worry for both, unequally.

It's very windy today, again. Ironically, the air has never been so fresh and clean and free from anything bad. Then we start congregating again, in trains, buses, bars, restaurants, theaters, clubs. None of this is healthier than walking along a beach, taking in the view of the sea and the gusts of clean air, but we hardly ever do that, even when the coast is so close as in this city.

My endless pursuits of escape are hitting another bump. I may be stuck here for a while longer, a victim of my own misplaced ambitions.

What started as a simple exercise in developing physical and emotional self awareness, is developing into a re-design and re-purposing of my entire life - before it's too late. 
Cultivate is the verb that reverberates through every session.
Learning to live the day as a continuous, elegant choreography of coordinated moves that slowly, relentlessly weave a tapestry of meaningful acts. 
Nothing is effortless, but effort can be directed, and that itself is a worthwhile effort.

Now back to the must-do, with the wind in the ears but safe inside this protected, solitary, lonely box.  Will today be the day when we finally act any differently.

Milano, Porta Garibaldi 2019