Friday, 1 February 2019


lascia che passi
senza dolore

Newcastle, 2018

Sunday, 27 January 2019


I pochi o forse molti granelli di sabbia che ci ritroviamo tra le dita
verso la fine del viaggio
testimoni di una vita
le onde circolari di cui siamo andati orgogliosi
energia trasferita
lontana dal punto di origine
torna tutto calmo

in fondo
non abbiamo fatto altro
che spostare sabbia
e muovere acqua

Newcastle, 2018

The here and now and the non-effort

Experiencing without trying to interpret is harder than I thought.
Interpretation relies on knowledge, which is your past. Memories of sensory knowledge, as well as the accumulation of all conceptualisations of our past experience into symbolic knowledge, reasoning, logical thinking.
Then there is the future -- our imagination, hopes, aspirations, fantasies about what's possible.
Experience of the present is when you manage to temporarily ignore both: pure experience without interpretation, explanations, or expectations.

Hard to achieve, as anybody who has tried and is honest enough will tell you.
Yet, ironically the Books tell you that there is nothing there to achieve, because intention negates the premise of non-expectation.
So, that leaves the only possibility that experience in the present just happens, without trying. That really goes against everything that we have ever been taught, practically since the day we were born, by our parents first, then school, then "society". Trying and striving is what our education is all about, and the rewards are obvious. I wouldn't be writing this from the comfort of my own house if that had not been the case.

I don't believe it is in our nature to simply exist, perhaps even just to fulfill a role in nature, like a plant. Our minds are much too complex for that. But then again, if we really are so complex to be capable of self-reflection, then it should be possible at least to understand some of what really goes on within our minds, and perhaps even to begin to control it.
Shouldn't that be part of our nature, too? (without having to try at all)

Newcastle, 2018

Monday, 14 January 2019

weak signals

The signal is there, but very weak. Perhaps we are unequipped to listen carefully enough.
Perhaps not: we just lost the ability we once had. As children, as humans.

There is a flow there, there is always a stream that flows in the right direction.
It takes much un-learning to learn to feel it.

Pausing in Northumberland

Sunday, 2 December 2018

winter is coming

non e' vero
che il meglio
e' gia' stato

Ithaca, NY, 2018

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Non-lucid dreaming

Last dream of the night, which always seems to be the one we remember most vividly.

Taking part in some race, running then using a mix of strange vehicles, struggling to keep the car on the street on a fast curve and not run into the child on the curb, interacting with all sorts of people and overcoming strange hurdles.

Maybe it was about overcoming hurdles. Everything was well in the end, but the happy ending does not come by itself. You have to work for it. Such a deep and morally compelling thought, you will agree, also very original. I am amazed at the depth of my own dreams interpretation.

More amazed still at the mind's ability to create such a wealth of intricate details about a running course, with lots of people involved and situations developing along the way.
It happened again last night, with the unfolding of a complex plot involving an intelligence mission in a strange territory, complete with secret coded communications and uncertainty on whether those on the other side are really the baddies. I seem to be questioning the nature of good and bad. Another deep interpretation.

Regardless. Our minds are capable of so much more than what we expect and train them to do, if you only manage to leave them alone and let them go... relinquish control and let them create and immerse themselves in surprising, alternative worlds.

I wake up in awe almost every morning, at the end of another journey in a fantastic non-reality of my own making.

Is there anything at all in this idea of lucid dreaming?

An underwater air junkie

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Sitting still
is about giving time
for the silt
to settle
in the waters of the mind
so you can see clearly again

Capri, 2018